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  1. What is the right way to think about the different segment index levels?

  2. What is the composition of the industry index (I.E. What % Compact Utility, % Large Car, % Large Pick Up etc.).

    We would like to be able to provide you with as much information as possible, but given that this data is proprietary, further discussion is needed on our end. Please remember, we do volume weight our index, so the more popular segments like Compac...
  3. Can you give a few examples of different car makes for each of the sub-segments?

    Sub-segments are not solely based on make. While the mainstream brands tend to fall into a group of sub-segments, just as luxury brands do (typically noted as luxury), there are a variety of sub-segments the contain a mix of makes do to the similar...
  4. For categories like Intermediate Subcompact that the data only goes back to 2005. What segment did these vehicles previously reside in?

  5. What are the meanings of the Price Index column shorthand

  6. Need password reset

    Self service password reset: Please Note: only your registered company account administrator can request or change the password for users that share a login username and password. If you have a unique username and email or are the company accoun...
  7. How to resolve a "No Active License" error?

    "No Active License" error may be caused by the license not being active, or paid. In that case you need to contact Customer Service at 800.544.6232 between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern, M-F to resubscribe. This error is more often caus...
  8. What is the Trusted Sites Incompatibility Browser Error?

  9. The mobile application is not updating to current values.

  10. MarketValues numbered error code meanings