Updated Articles

  1. What is the new VIN Based Option feature?

  2. What are the release dates for the Used Vehicle Price Index?

    Note: Schedule subject to change without notice: Service Level 2 release dates for 2019 are as follows: January 9 (Wednesday)   February 8 March 8 April 5 May 8 (Wednesday) June 7 July 10 (Wednesday) August 9 September 6  Oct...
  3. What is the story line behind the index actually inflecting positively in the back half of 2017?

  4. For categories like Intermediate Subcompact that the data only goes back to 2005. What segment did these vehicles previously reside in?

  5. What are the meanings of the Price Index column shorthand

  6. Need password reset

    Self service password reset: Please Note: only your registered company account administrator can request or change the password for users that share a login username and password. If you have a unique username and email or are the company accoun...
  7. How do I change my account address and email?

  8. How do I identify the account Customer Administrator?

    The first user to sign into the account is the first Customer Administrator by default.  Since MarketValues is a single user service, the login and password received when the service was first set up should be retained, and can be used to logi...
  9. Can I get a report on my license lookup usage?

  10. Why can't I see the "Customer Maintenance" option listed under "Account Preferences" on the online Welcome page?