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As a Customer Administrator, how can I manage user permissions?

Permission to use specific products is assigned on a group basis. If necessary, you can have a group consisting of one individual.

Only users in the Customer Administrators group will have access to the Customer Maintenance module.

  1. Go to the Customer Maintenance Module and select Groups.
  2. Select or create the group you wish to assign the product to and you will next see a list of products your organization has purchased.
  3. Simply mark the appropriate checkboxes and save the screen. The specific products selected are now associated with the group.

To restrict these products to only this group, first remove them from the list of products accessible to the All Users group. If you don’t do this step, all users will still be able to access these products by virtue of being in the All Users group. The system requires all users to be in the All Users group and the default is to allow this group access to all products. 

Go to Account Management page by clicking here.

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