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How can I restrict access to the VIN Precision+ functionality?

As an account administrator, I want to restrict access to this new VIN Precision+ functionality so I can control who has access to the additional charged lookups.

There are two control methods available:

  1. You can disable access for the entire account by going into the Customer Maintenance section of the website after you log in with a Customer Administrator account. 
  2. The second option is to control by Groups. Each User in your account can belong to multiple groups. By default, All Users are in the All Users group, and account administrators are in both the All Users and Customer Administrators groups, but you can also create additional groups. Each group has customizable application and other access settings, so if desired, you can set the All Users group to not have access to the VIN Precision+ button and create an additional group or groups which will have access turned on. The application checks all groups that a user belongs to and if any of them have the access turned on, they will have access to that functionality.

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