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How do I add my tax exempt number to my account?

New customers  - After selecting and adding the product to the shopping cart users will be prompted to create a user profile or enter account information as it will appear as the primary contact/co info. 

Please note that a state's Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Resale Certificate does not qualify as a sales and use tax exemption.

If your company is claiming exemption from sales and use taxes for your NADA Online purchase, please send properly executed exemption documentation to

Questions / Clarifications ? Please call 800.544.6232 . 

Existing Customers - Once a user profile has been created, users cannot update or add a tax exempt id to their account by themselves.  If a customer needs to add or update their tax id while in the shopping cart, prior to submitting the order, they must contact the call center and speak to a representative who will be able to enter the tax id.  Once added the customer may continue to place the order as needed.

Existing customers who need to add or update tax exempt numbers to their existing profiles need to call the special customer service group at (800) 544-6232.

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