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What can happen when the VIN Precision+ button is clicked?

  • I clicked the button and now it says “VIN Precision+ confirmed” but there are no options selected. What happened?
    • VIN Precision+ data indicates that the specific VIN does not have any optional equipment installed that impacts value for the vehicle in question.
  • I clicked the button and now it says “VIN Precision+ confirmed” but there are no additional options selected. Why am I still getting charged for the additional lookup?
    • VIN Precision+ data confirmed that the vehicle in question only included equipment that had already been pre-selected.
  • I clicked the VIN Precision+ button and it came back and said no data was available.
    • There will be instances where the information for a specific vehicle is not yet available in our database. You will not be charged an additional look-up. We are continually adding information to our database to expand coverage to as many VINs/vehicles as possible.
  • I decoded a VIN and had to select from several vehicle trim levels on a confirmation dialog. Then when I performed the VIN Precision+ lookup, it said that the vehicle had been changed. What happened here?
    • VIN Precision+ found VIN specific data in our database that identified the correct trim level for that vehicle and updated the information.
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