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What is the CPO value?

The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) value is a guide to the typical premium added to the retail value when a given vehicle is initially sold by a franchised dealer under a manufacturer’s certification program.

This certification adds value to the vehicle as it reduces the risk of a buyer being subject to significant repair costs in the future. The CPO premium takes into account the warranty extension provided for the vehicle as well as the vehicle meeting the individual CPO program requirements of multi-point inspection, minimum age, maximum mileage, etc.

Vehicles can be certified more than once after the initial sale. If a vehicle is CPO eligible, regardless of the number of owners, it can still be certified. If an individual buys a CPO vehicle, and after 6 months decides he/she doesn’t like it, and trades it in, the dealer can once again perform the multi-point inspection and list it as certified again if it meets all certification required criteria.

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