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What is the new VIN Precision+ feature?

Traditional VIN decoding does not provide sufficient detail to identify individual vehicles’ precise valuations as it does not enable decoding of many features and packages present on vehicles as they leave the assembly line.

VIN Precision+ from J.D. Power Valuation Services makes the blind spots associated with traditional VIN decoding a thing of the past. By combining the unbiased and accurate values from J.D. Power Valuation Services with industry-leading ChromeData as built data, VIN Precision+ decodes VINs based on actual OEM build data where available, or incorporates vehicle configuration information derived from a sophisticated algorithm developed by J.D. Power, to reveal exact trim and equipment specifications at the time the vehicle rolled off the assembly line. 

The result? The most robust and precise valuations in the industry.

Examples of the impact of VIN Precision+ on the vehicle value can be experienced by booking out any of the following vehicles:

  • 1FMJK1HT8FEF05049
  • 1FT7W2B67HEB46405
  • 1FT7W2BT1DEB18891
  • 1FT7W2BT5CEC65004
  • 1FT8W3BT1HEC85008
  • 1FTFW1ET9DKD15679
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